Mom Hears Funny Noises From Room. Goes In To See Her Twins Have Escaped.

Parenting is no easy feat. I’ve said this before, and I will say it again, that to be a parent is really a full-time job that requires a ton of patience and a lot of love and kindness. There will be days where you’re hard on yourself as a mother or father, and you feel like you’re failing because you don’t know why your child spent so much time crying on a particular day; or, you can’t wrap your head around why he/she isn’t eating right. You will have a bad day when your baby is having one, and there will be times when you just want some me-time. These feelings are all justifiable and nowhere do they mean that you’re not a good parent, or that you don’t love your son or daughter.

The key to being a happy parent is taking everything as it comes and as a learning experience. Even on the bad days, embrace the fact that you were able to get through your kid’s crying episode, and through the screaming and wailing. Understand that you got a chance to unwind while your little one was sleeping and that these moments with your newborn, toddler or even a young child are precious and will probably not come back again — they grow like weeds!

Speaking about enjoying the moment, below is a video that shows a set of twins goofing around in their crib and mom recording all the fun! These types of clips often remind parents of how lucky they are to be at this stage of life and that there’s nothing else they want to be but parents to their children.

Mom had left her twin son and daughter in their room to play. She was busy working around the house when she heard a funny noise coming from their room. She immediately takes off to see what’s going on in there. When she arrives at the scene, she sees a full “Mission Impossible” adventure taking place. The mother grabs her cell phone and starts recording.

As she made her way into the room, mom sees the boy trying to wiggle his way out of the crib. He’s almost stuck in a weird position in his attempt to leave and join his sister. It’s a funny sight to watch, but we would also like to remind you that you should always watch for your children when they are alone. Do not to leave them unattended for too long.

Click below to watch the hilarious escape take place.

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